Community Health Evangelism Vision Seminar, Peoria, IL January 2017

Bringing Communities Out of Poverty and People to Maturity in Christ

Date:  November 15 - 16, 2017


Wednesday: 9:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Thursday:  9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Location: Peoria Civic Center, 201 SW Jefferson Ave., Peoria, IL 61602

Contact:  Bryan Benz

Cost: $30 per participant


Community Health Evangelism (CHE) addresses the root causes of poverty, disease, and spiritual darkness by training local leaders to share the gospel and mobilize community action. Communities learn to prevent disease, enhance agriculture, and generate enterprise. Local leaders gain capacity to implement sustainable solutions utilizing local resources and appropriate technologies.

Vital biblical faith is nurtured during every step. CHE integrates the physical and spiritual, revealing the practical power of Christ. CHE is a proven, practical, and multipliable strategy for ministry.


These sessions are highly interactive and designed for people wanting a brief but thorough introduction to CHE. After completion of this Vision Seminar, participants will have the knowledge and tools to introduce CHE to other individuals, church groups, or organizations. Individuals who want to learn how they can implement CHE in the field are encouraged to enroll in the Training of Trainers (TOT1) course.





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The full cost of the Vision Seminar is $30 per participant. Meals, lodging and transportation are the responsibility of the participant.